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Tom Nazziola
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The BQE Project
Tom’s ensemble that performs his original scores live to silent and sound films.
Moriola Music on MySpace
Jack Morer & Tom Nazziola – Music for Film, Broadcast, and Movement.
Music My Pet
Classical Music to relax your pets, produced by Tom Nazziola.
Reckless Kelly
Country Rock band featuring Tom’s brother Jay Nazz.
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Swamp Gumbo on MySpace
Tim’s New Orleans/Cajun band.
PumpDigSwirl on MySpace
John Roggie’s Experimental/Electronic project.
John Arrucci
BATIK recorded vibes & marimba at John’s studio.
Peter Moshay
Peter mastered the BATIK VUDU CD at A-Pawling Studio.
Caryn Hartglass
Thanks to Caryn for preparing our CD art for duplication and for hosting this website!
Disc Makers
BATIK’s CD manufacturer.
Arts on the Lake
BATIK’s first concert happened here.
Margherita’s Lake View
BATIK’s favorite Italian restaurant and sponsor of our first concert.
Donna Cori Gibson
Thanks to Donna for designing our website!
Adam Glaser
Thanks to Adam for performing with us at Drom NYC 8-15-12!